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I recently started working from home and I can’t say enough what a blessing it has been. It definitely has it’s challenges but I do not miss a daily 2-3 hour commute or sitting in a windowless basement office every day. It’s tough to ignore a two year old banging on the door and begging me to come out, but I wouldn’t change it. I’m right here if there is ever an emergency and I can take the kids to their appointments during lunch. Not to mention, I can stop and have lunch with my kids!

I had no idea what I needed to set up a home office, I never thought it would be a reality! I have put together a list of items that have been lifesavers. We live in a very small house so I have to make sure to measure and then measure some more, so that things fit just right. My desk now lives at the foot of our bed, it’s tight but it works. I went with an extra long, skinny desk that has worked perfectly so far.

I also splurged on a stationary bike with a stand up desk. Definitely not practical for all day, but it’s encouraged me to add a little more exercise to my routine. Zero being my previous routine. I do about 8 miles 4 times a week. Little do my coworkers know that I am cycling whenever we are in a meeting.

You know I had to get a few cute accessories because I need cohesive and I need pretty in my life to keep me happy and motivated. I went with a trendy keyboard, if you want silent keys, not for you. I quite like the clanky keys, feels like I’m on a typewriter. I also have a mouse rug, so cute and they have so many color options! I hang a few cutie holders on the side of the desk for all the pens and miscellanea. Earbuds are a must to get through the long hours. I must consume as many true crime podcasts as possible and there are little ears that hear everything! Last but definitely not least, a girl has to stay hydrated. I have a cute Starbucks cup and a Brita pitcher so I don’t have to step out to the kitchen too much.

My Home Office Must-Haves


Wireless keyboard/mouse

Rug mouse pad

Multi-outlet extension cord

Cutie Holder

Bose Earbuds

Water filter pitcher

Starbucks Cup

Stationary bike

Stand-up desk

Do you work from home? What is your set-up and must-haves?

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