October Baby & Toddler Book Review

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Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday so obviously October is my favorite month. It is so hard to pick just a few favorite Halloween books for babies and toddlers. Our collection is growing and I wanted to share a few of our current favorites.

B is for Boo is a beautifully illustrated but it is exactly as stated, an alphabet. This is great for those little ones that are learning their ABC’s, it’s like bound flashcards. I don’t know about you but my toddler loses flashcards in no time!

One Black Cat is cool. The story is nice and the illustrations are lovely but the winner really is the book itself. I hate to be that IG mom but this looks cuuute on a bookshelf!

The Good, The Bad and The Spooky is awesome, this whole series is a favorite in our house. Halloween is fun and nothing to stress about is a great message for little ones. They may not get the message right away but it never hurts to start wellness early.

Teeny Tiny Ghost is sweet but simple, perfect for baby.

The Happy Pumpkin is adorable in story and look. Such an endearing way to show to always be yourself.

Bonaparte Falls Apart is great! Not necessarily about Halloween but with fun Halloween-esque characters. This book came into our lives at a perfect time because it is about friendship and starting school, which we will be doing very soon.

Goodnight Little Monster is my personal favorite because he reminds me of my little monster. Perfect for any littles, like mine, that are starting to have fears.

The Haunted Mansion is as good as I expected, I am both a Disney and Little Golden Book fan. I am an admirer of Glen Brogan art so this book is amazing in style and expose kids to art. It’s also great for most ages, my two year old is now able to sit through a longer book and he enjoyed it.

All of these books are going in my kids Boo Baskets and I hope this review helps you expand your own library.

Let me know what your favorite Halloween books are below.

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