Anatomy of a Boo Basket

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This year we made our boo baskets extra special with the Ghost Challenge going around IG and Tik Tok. I decided to surprise my little man with whole room full of Halloween treats. We have ghost witches hanging from the ceiling, books, treats, but most importantly, Boo Baskets! Below is everything you need for basket your littles will love.

Cauldron or cute basket. I went with cauldrons this year because they’re fun but I love when I see a beautiful woven basket for kids. Looks so sharp but sweet and boho.

Basket Filler – I always use plastic bags to fill the bottom because there isn’t enough filler in the world to prop stuff up in a basket. I’ll even use cardboard to make a little stand in the bottom of the basket so my treats don’t sag.

Books – It’s no secret that I love books and the fact that my babies love books is a gift. This being my favorite month, I may have gone a tad overboard, check out this months book review here.

Slumberkins – The only things as popular as books in our house, are Slumberkins. We call them the babies and there are always at least five guarding my son’s bed. This years’ spooky set was too good to pass up. It was perfect to split up between the two kiddos.

Arts & Crafts – I know some people are afraid of mess and glitter, but not in this house. Messes can be cleaned up and the memories made are priceless.

Activities – Sometimes crosses over with arts & crafts. This year I added pumpkin decorating kits that we are going to use later in the month. I also include things like wooden puzzles, slime, party favors (spider rings, stickers, etc.)

Sweet Treats – Would it even be Halloween if it didn’t include stuff the dentist would say, “Hard NO” to? To be honest, we do candy for potty training and I only included teething crackers and fruit snacks.

Check out our fun reel on IG here.

Let me know if you do boo baskets and your favorite goodies.

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