The Benefits of Collagen

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The last couple of years have been rough, I had postpartum preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome after both kiddos. I also broke my patella between kids, and had to learn to walk again! I have started my wellness journey back to a healthy me. One of the things that I am doing to get back there is taking collagen.

Collagen is the main protein found in our connective tissues, found in bone, muscle skin and tendons. Basically, what keeps it all together, and we start losing it as we get older. Good news is that you can find it in certain foods and supplements. I started looking into different types of collagen supplements and found the results pretty dismal. Then I came across Liquid Biocell Collagen which has a 93% absorption rate, unheard of!

I chose to go with the Liquid Biocell Life because it has an additional 13 phytonutrient-rich superfoods and resveratrol. I also take the Trim supplement which has CLA to promote weight loss and body composition, but it also includes collagen. It’s a perfect combo if you are ready to live a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise.

So far, my skin looks healthier and my aches and pains are much more manageable. Also, I’ve lost five pounds in about a month which is great. Stay tuned for long term results as I continue to deal with hypertension and high liver values, thanks birth trauma!

Below are a few links if you would like to join me on this wellness journey, you get $10 off of your first order automatically.

Share in the comments if you are ready to start your wellness journey or what has helped you get healthy.

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