Holiday Baby Gift Guide

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This is our Baby Girl’s first Christmas, she is also our last baby, so you better believe we are going all out. I like to do a mix of things the kids need but you have to throw some just for fun stuff in too! Here are a few of our favorite things for baby this holiday season.

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  1. Tool Kit: Our little girl love playing with her brothers tool set so she is getting one of her own. Big Brother is not in a sharing space right now.
  2. Rainbow Stacker: Pretty enough to display and baby will love to play with this!
  3. Lou Lou and Company Tops and Bottoms: Give the gift of comfy, so buttery soft. My kids live in these and they are a great baby shower gift. Here is a $10 coupon off of your fist purchase.
  4. Lou Lou and Company Leather Bows: They have them in every size from the teeniest, cutest bows, to clips for big girls and moms. I wear them all the time. Here is a $10 coupon off of your fist purchase.
  5. Stacking Cups: Let the clanking begin, but so great for fine motor skills and learning colors/sizes.
  6. Slumberkins: We may have a small obsession in our home, but I’m ok with it. My son loves his “babies” and each one encourages a different type of emotional strength. They also have great resources and activities on their site. Here is a $20 coupon off of your first purchase.
  7. Shape Sorter: Most of the toys on this list are silicone but they are just so great from newborn to any age infant, and toddler.
  8. Ryan & Rose Cutie Tensils & Baprons: Do yourself a favor and have a few of these on hand. Give them to your friends, another baby shower gift staple. Here is a $5 coupon off of your first order.
  9. Tree Stacker Teether: Basically everything to a baby is a teether but this one is adorable and festive!

Hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for baby!

What are some of your favorite gifts to give the little ones during the holidays?

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