Toddler Gift Guide

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It might be obvious from my picks that we have a toddler boy but I am here for the girls with big trucks and tools! We are getting our daughter a tool set because they are so fun. If my son were asking for a dolly, you better believe it would be on this list!

  1. Tool Box/Bench: This is by far one of the coolest tool kits I have seen for toddlers. It’s a toolbox that comes with a stand and includes 66 pieces to tinker with.
  2. Tool Belt: This tool belt happens to match the tool box we are getting so I could not resist.
  3. Car Workshop Tool Bench: This is another super cool workbench with a crane for cars and a ramp slide.
  4. Tow Truck: I have been looking for a truck with a crane that isn’t $100 and this was the best option I found. Comes with a few magnetic cars that can be picked up by the tow truck crane.
  5. Slumberkins: These creatures and books teach your little ones life skills, coping, emotional growth and are truly keepsakes. I hope my kids hold onto, treasure and pass them on to their little ones someday. Here is a $20 coupon off of your first purchase.
  6. Lou Lou and Company Tops and Bottoms: Thank goodness these go to 3T because they are a staple in my kids wardrobe. Here is a $10 coupon off of your first purchase.
  7. Ryan and Rose Cutie Bapron: We use these for mealtime, play time, craft time. Always within reach! Here is a $5 coupon off of your first purchase.
  8. Leap Pad: I know screen time is a hot topic but this is a great alternative. Great for long car rides and educational. My son has learned the alphabet, songs and sight words with the Leap Pad.

In my experience, toddlers have endless energy, need self-led activities, you want them to look cute and stay relatively clean. This guide hits all of these for me.

What’s on your toddler wishlist?

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