Welcome! I’m Marie.

I am so incredibly happy to welcome you to my little corner of the world. My mission is to help other busy mamas like myself. I love activities, outings and being a little extra in everything that I do. Hopefully I can give you some tips and tricks to maximize the fun times!

I have two babes, 2 years and six months, and I have been married to The Husband (I like to say that in a dragged out southern drawl, circle your head too). We’ve been together for sixteen years and married for eleven. You can tell that we waited a long time for our little ones. Nothing major, we just weren’t sure if we were going to have kiddos. I can’t imagine my life without them but you can’t really miss what you never had (that was my mindset even though it was tough for me to wait).

I did spend the majority of my life raising other people’s kids, from watching all of the kids in the neighborhood while the adults were nowhere to be found. Child of the 80’s here, I don’t think a ten year old would be allowed to watch a minimum of five kids these days. I watched a lot of other kids and I worked in Assisted Living for over ten years. Funny enough, we used a lot of Montessori type activities, especially for residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. I chose to walk away from that life because it is emotionally taxing and a twenty-four-seven commitment. i now work from home in healthcare administration, which really works for the lifestyle I want.

Now to my real passion! I love my babies and I love activities of all kind. I was the Activity Coordinator in my previous life and have been a lifetime crafter. I sew, crochet, knit and I’m dangerous with a glue gun! So, this has translated into sensory play, Montessori moments and outings with my own kiddos. When my son was born I knew I wanted to focus on educational fun. I truly believe that every moment can teach us something and can be a good time. We do a monthly book review,

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