Outta this World Valentine

Thanks to Omi-You-Know-Who our January plans were completely derailed, my big plans for a space adventure in the New Year were out. Now that we are all back on the mend we are instead having an out of this world Valentine’s Day, and it has been a lot of fun. From space wands to rocket valentine’s, this Valentine’s day is gearing up to be a blast!

You’re a Blast Valentine

This is Killian’s first year of preschool so you better believe I am going all out for his valentine’s. My mom made something special for my schoolmates every year and I am excited to continue the tradition. Because our theme this month is outer space, I thought it would be fun to make rockets. I made rockets for the New Year that were my inspiration and a big hit with a two year old. You can find the template for that project here. These rockets are a little smaller to make 25 of them more portable. You can find that template in my shop here.

Valentine Wands & Flags

I love decorating and frilling up every occasion, and this project is perfect for the finishing touch. Great for gift baskets or a really fun valentine. It’s a really simple project you can do with your little ones. You can find the free template for the hearts here. You can find the free template for the flags here.


  • Cardstock & printer
  • Fun straws
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Ribbon, yarn, bows (any embellishments you have or would like to add)


1.) Print & cut your hearts and/or flags

2.) Glue heart/flag to straw using adhesive of choice

3.) Add pom poms, ribbon and any other embellishments

4.) Enjoy!

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