Great Space Books for Kids

Of the many things my son loves, space is way up there. He loves reciting the planets and watching space videos on youtube (I mean, mama needs screen time and why not, if it’s educational). Another great love we share is reading. Here are a few books we have been enjoying lately.

The Ultimate Book of Space

by Anne-Sophie Bauman – Illustrated by Oliver Latyk

First off, this book is beautifully designed. The pop-ups, flaps and moving parts are spectacular. This book has a lot of information about space, but also about launching into space, that you don’t see in other books. I highly recommend this one for any junior astronauts, it would make an excellent birthday gift.

Papa, please get the moon for me

by Eric Carle

As usual, Eric Carle does not disappoint. These books always give me the chills because they are so thoughtful and tender. Having Papa work so hard to get his girl what she wants, and when you get to the page with the full moon, beautiful! I know my son feels the same way because my son goes back to them time and time again.

Hello World! Solar System

by Jill Mcdonald

This book is perfect for younger kiddos, but my 11 month old and two year old love it just the same. Simple but super colorful, with fun facts about space and each planet.

Pete the Cat Out of This World

My son has a soft spot for this groovy cat so I add a book from this series every couple of months. A quick read, cute and simple. This one is for fun, not the best pick if you are looking for educational books.

My First Book of Planets – All About the Solar System for Kids

by Bruce Betts, PhD

I really appreciate that this book has actual photos of the planets, most kids books are limited to illustrations. While very educational, the writing is approachable. Perfect for older kids, but the littles can still appreciate the photos and fun facts throughout the book.

We would love more space book recommendations, share in the comments.

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