Construction Birthday Gift Guide

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Trucks, end of list. JK, mostly trucks, some tools and construction gear. We went all out for our Little Man’s third birthday. Truly, we had been collecting trucks fo months so we would have a lot for Little Man’s party. What I love is that he keeps playing with them months later.

1.) Ride-on Electric Excavator: What kid can resist an excavator they can control! This option is perfect for bigger/older kiddos and this one is perfect for under 3. Now that we have two kiddos I have this truck on the wishlist

2.) Caterpillar Truck Engine: This is a great hands-on toy. You can completely take apart and rebuild this engine. It’s great to entertain, but little hands may need help with this one.

3.) The Big Dig Sit-on Digger: Our local park has these so I knew we needed one for our sandbox. My son spends hours digging up dirt and moving it in this digger. I can attest to it’s sturdiness, it has made it through months of heat, winds and rain.

4.) Remote Controlled Crane: This is another moving machine and awesome for little ones that need a lot of entertaining. It is budget friendly and both my three and one year old enjoy it. It comes with a bucket and a few accessories to load and move small items around, up and down.

5.) Wooden Trucks: This is our favorite set of wooden trucks that we play with inside when days are too hot to go outside (Southern California). We also love this set that works on wooden train tracks and can be made into different items, like cranes and animals.

6.) Truck Puzzle: I wasn’t sure about this but my son loves puzzles. He has put this one together over and over! A great idea is to have one puzzle you help your little one with and then frame when they are able to put it together themselves.

7.) Construction trucks: Where do I start! My son loves trucks of all sizes, here are a few that get a lot of love in our house.

8.) Tool Set: This is the first set of wooden tools that my son recieved as a baby, that he still plays with today. Here is a cute set we got for our daughter and a new plastic set with a working drill my son can’t put down!

9.) Magna Tiles: The Construction Magna Tiles set is amazing! It’s on the pricier side, but if you only get one thing, this is it! It comes with a road, two small cranes, a car base, brick and barricade blocks. We are planning on getting a second set because it is that good!

10.) Construction Books: Check out our construction book list here.

I hope this list helps you pick the perfect gift for the little foreman in your life!

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