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Halloween books for kids.

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These are our best books for Halloween 2022. There are some old favorites, new to us and just released. My little man is afraid of lots of things right now, reading books with “scary” characters or “spooky” themes have helped him cope with those fears. You can’t go anywhere right now without running into spiders, ghosts, vampires, etc.

1.) Construction Site Gets a Fright!: This book is perfect for littles with big fears, like mine. It has really helped my son understand that things that look spooky, especially at night, usually aren’t spooky at all.

2.) Goodnight Goon: This is a silly rendition of Good Night Moon (one of our favorites). The illustrations are actually a little spooky but the story is so silly that my son still enjoys it.

3.) You’re My Little Pumpkin Pie: This is a perfect read all through fall. It’s adorable and sweet, both my one and three year olds love it.

4.) The Crayons Trick or Treat: This a new release in the Crayon series, sweet but a little short. It’s perfect humor for a preschooler and does highlight doing new things that might give a little one anxiety. Note, this book is tiny, I was expecting a standard sized picture book, but it is about 4″x6″.

5.) B is for Boo: While this is just an alphabet, it is beautiful. I love this series because the illustrations for every holiday are spectacular and reviewing the alphabet in any way is never bad.

6.) Countdown to Halloween: Like B is for Boo, it is a pretty straight forward numbers primer and the illustrations are vivid and dynamic. The best part is that it does have an I spy component.

7.) The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt: I relate to this little quilt so much! This is my personal favorite and my pick when the kids let me choose. So sweet and a reminder that it’s great to be different.

8.) The Little Kitten: A very sweet story about making new friends, how we can lose track of old friends, and how they lead the way home.

9.) Mother Ghost: Not my favorite but my daughter loves it. The rhymes don’t necessarily rhyme so the cadence is just off.

10.) No Such Thing: I had to wait a long time for this book as it was out of print until recently. Believe the hype, it’s super cute. Bright and the main character exudes spunk, she reminds me of my little girl.

11.) The Good, The Bad and The Spooky: This seed has big bad mood feelings which leads to a bad decision. My little seed has big feelings too so this book really speaks to him. He sits intently through the whole thing and that doesn’t always happen with a longer book.

12.) Little Miss Shelley, Frankenstein: If I could only recommend one book, this would be it! After browsing it, you might think I’m crazy but both of my kids have learned their body parts with this book. Their must be something about that friendly monster.

13.) One Black Cat: This is extremely short and simple. I still love it because it is shaped like a cat and I cannot resist it for a good shelfie.

I hope you enjoy these books as much as we have!

Share some of your favorite Halloween books in the comments.

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