Spring Garden Toy Rotation

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Spring is in the air and our outdoor garden is really coming together. I thought this would be a great time to bring the garden indoors too. Here are some of our favorite gardening toys for kids. Everything from open play wood toys, to plastic learning toys, loose parts, & more. Everything you need to spark your littles’ pretend green thumb.

We have had some dicey weather that has kept us out of the garden most days. I know we’re in So Cal and in perpetual drought, but I could really use a break from the rain. Southern Cali girls need their sunshine so I’m bringing it indoors however I can!

Let’s start with our fruit & veggie garden.

  • Fruit & Vegetable Baskets: Did you even garden if you don’t have a harvest. These little baskets look like they just came from the garden beds. All of the fruits & veggies are magnetic and each basket comes with a knife for your little to practice cutting skills. Find the fruit basket here and the vegetable basket here.
  • Duplo Organic Garden & Storage: This is by far the best thing I have found in I don’t know how long! It’s something the kids want to keep out year round. They are the cutest little veggies, fruits and bugs. There are a few different sets & we have three! There are a few other supplemental sets that I’m looking to get. The storage bin was a real game changer, it’s collapsible and the top is compatible with Duplo and other blocks the same size. Find the Garden Set here, Tractor Set here, Planting Set here & Storage Box here.
  • Fruit Magnetic Maze: This is a great on the go toy, no mess! My little one doesn’t quite get the concept but she loves the magic of magnets. My son is currently obsessed with magnets so this is a winner!
  • Montessori Wood Garden: This one is small but mighty. My son was gifted this little garden for his 1st birthday & it’s one he goes back to over & over, he’s four.
  • Wood Produce Puzzles: We have quite a few puzzles like this. They’re simple and both kids enjoy them.
  • Snap-N-Learn Fruit Shapers: This is another toy that is great for fine motor skills, color & shape recognition. The tub with a handle makes it portable and easy for my kiddo to bring it out while Sissy naps.
  • Montessori Wood Lacing Beads: These came with animals too but I only set out the beads that work with this months theme, & I can always use those another time. The kids both love making necklaces and dragging long ropes of beads around the house. Fine motor skills at their best!
  • Farmers Market Color Sorting: We keep this set in the play market and the kids play store a lot! It’s adorable to see them selling produce to each other. I also use them to practice colors with my youngest. The fruits are soft for little hands and mouths.

Now let’s talk about our flower garden. It’s also nice to bring out the flowers close to Mother’s Day.

  • Magnetic Bug Garden: Another great magnetic toy that the kids love. My son loves to run over and show me what he caught with his net.
  • Flower Pot Bubble Machine: In this house we are big on bubbles! They’re just so easy for a huge return. We spend hours catching & dancing in bubbles. It is also nice to go hands free!
  • Loose Parts: I found this inexpensive set because these can be pricey. I like to find divided trays in the Target Dollar Spot to go with these. Great open ended play.
  • Peg Garden: this simple toy combines colors, matching, fine motor skills & open ended play. You can switch out the stems, flowers and bugs to make hundreds of combinations, a different garden daily!
  • Dino Flower Garden: Next to Duplo Garden, this is my kids favorite toy. Normally they stack the flowers as tall as possible. The best days are when they stack taller than they are. If I had to pick one toy, it would be this. We sometimes see this toy more than once in a day and it gets setup all over the house. The dinosaurs also run so you can have races through and around your garden (it comes with two).
  • Counting Poppy Pot: I like this one because it is simple and self contained. All of the flowers fit in the pot under the dirt. This would be great on vacation. We also have the Cactus we have been using this season.
  • Wood Flower Garden: This one is sweet and beautiful. You can plant potatoes, peas, flowers, etc. Small enough to move around and kids of all ages can enjoy this one. I found myself helping out with this adorable harvest.
  • Counting Lady Bugs: We have two different versions that my kids have been gifted over the years. One is wooden lady bugs in a bag. Its as simple as it sounds, you can test the kiddos on random numbers out of the bag, or set them out to count and line up in order. The other is a Lady Bug Wooden Puzzle with colors and numbers. They’re both used often here.
  • Garden Push & Click Blocks: The special thing about these is that they click together as you build. This helps with limiting messes & a quick cleanup. They’re also super cute!
  • Little Tykes 3-in-1 Farmers Market: This is one our favorite outdoor toys. We have it tucked under the swing set so the weather doesn’t ruin the stickers. My kids are huge fans of their indoor kitchen and they basically use this the same way outside. The Market includes a growing station, bee hive and produce bins. Hours of fun, and the longer the kids are outside, the longer the house stays clean!

Hope this list helps you stock your markets and gardens. What are some of your favorite Spring or garden toys?

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