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We have immersed ourselves in the world of gardening. We’re planting food and our toes in the dirt and playing garden when we’re inside. It’s only fitting that our shelves be lined with gardens, flowers and bugs.

we have been reading books to learn how to plant, how to keep our garden and explore all of the little critters in our backyard. We are reformed black thumbs and using our green ones to thumb through pages of books we are happy to share with you.

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar: This classic is a daily read in our house. We are on our third copy because my own little caterpillars have chewed through a copy each. They have been snuck into bed and corners chewed off. I have found pages missing because it was their favorite one.
  • The Honey Bee: This is a sweet little book all about our buzzy friends. We have a lavender plant right outside our door so the kids were terrified to pass by it. This book and the friendly landscaper assured us they are our friends. Turns out bees are docile when feeding an rarely sting. If we don’t bug them, they won’t bug us!
  • Little Blue Truck’s Springtime: The kids love all of the Little Truck books and this one as as cute as the rest.
  • The Tiny Seed: Beautiful, like all of the Eric Carle books. The special thing about this copy is that it comes with seeded paper. we are so excited for our flowers to bloom!
  • Some Bugs: This book goes through all of the bugs you can find in your backyard. It also includes an illustrated appendix with all of the bugs and their names. I like going through them and asking the kids if we see those bugs in our garden.
  • My Growing Garden: A sweet flap book perfect for toddlers. It is interactive, you can count, color match and more.
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Spring: Another Eric Carle book, we’re obviously fans. This mostly shows the springtime world around the caterpillar.
  • Hello World! Garden Time: This is a great book to start your gardening journey. It walks you through the tools, plants, how to tend your garden and the critters you may encounter. I love all of the Hello World! books because they’re thorough but still simple enough for a two year old.
  • Plant the Tiny Seed: This may be odd but we love tiny things so that’s why I ordered this book. All of my daughters favorite books have something tiny in them. Anyway, it’s actually a great interactive book. It prompts you to look for things on the page and play. It also has great information on gardening.
  • Discovering the Secret World of Nature Underground: This actually covers all of the critters under our feet and their babies. Adorable and shares some interesting facts on animals and insects.
  • Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt: This is a mom pick. It is gorgeous and has an appendix showcasing each animal shown. I love that each page shows what’s going on above and below the dirt. Great to talk about while gardening.
  • My First Book of Growing Food: I think this is perfect for those that have limited space or can only plant indoors. Cool illustrations and facts about planting in pots.
  • We are the Gardeners: My girl Joanna can do no wrong! This is so sweet and the illustrations are just lovely. I feel a kinship in their gardening journey, I’m just missing the farm!

I hope this list helps you on your gardening journey! Please share your favorite books on gardening with us.

Best Kids Books – Garden

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